Injection moulding

Plastic solutions: precise and high-quality

As a specialist in plastics technology, we manufacture high-quality injection molded parts up to 1500 grams from all common thermoplastics – from small to large-scale production.
We attach great importance to excellent quality. In order to guarantee a precise and smooth production, we construct tailor-made tools and molds in the in-house tool making individually according to the customer’s request.
In addition, the machines and robots are automatically monitored during the manufacturing process.

Our competences:

  • 2-component-parts

  • Encapsulation technique

  • Film insert molding

  • Visible parts (automotive, packaging)

  • Soft-Tooling

  • Pad printing

  • Robots Handling

  • Drying of hygroscopic plastics

  • Reinforcement levels (glass fiber, glass beads, carbon fiber or minerals)

  • viscosity grades

  • Additives for UV resistance or antistatic

  • Compounds

  • Dosed plastic coloring with batch or powder